Waterproof Solar Power Bank

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Yes, you read correctly. A SOLAR portable charger!

 Ever ran out of battery on your phone AND your portable charger while away from electricity? We've all been there, but hey, we've got the solution for you. Our Solar Portable Charger will give you that extra juice you need.


Key Features:

  • Solar panel: Our solar portable charger comes with a solar panel that recharges the battery with sunlight while outdoors.
  • Waterproof rating IP67:  Protected against water, however, it can’t be submerged in it.
  • Dual USB ports:  With this solar battery charger you can charge phones, tablets or other small electronic devices simultaneously
  • LED light: The solar portable charger works perfectly in darkness.
  • SOS distress signal: To help other people find you
  • Compass: Not only a solar-powered phone charger, but it also has a compass for guided navigation.